Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey (JM) is a British multinational speciality chemicals and sustainable technologies company headquartered in the United Kingdom. For over 200 years we’ve used advanced metals chemistry to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. Today, the company has market capitalisation of over £3 billion with 12,000 employees operating in 30+ countries.  

Many of the world’s leading energy, chemicals and automotive companies depend on our technology and expertise to decarbonise, reduce harmful emissions and improve their sustainability. Johnson Matthey are experts in clean air, catalyst technologies, hydrogen technologies and in the application and recycling of natural resources. 

As the planet faces up to an era of huge global challenges including climate change, energy supply and resource scarcity, Johnson Matthey continues to innovate, providing solutions that help customers adapt to the challenges of climate change, catalysing the net zero transition for millions of people every day. 

In RECYCLE Phase 1, Johnson Matthey acted as technical consultants and material suppliers in a feasibility study looking at the application of RECYCLE at the next level of demonstration. 

In Phase 2, Johnson Matthey are acting as material developers and technology providers for TRL5 demonstration of the RECYCLE process.