Rethinking low
carbon hydrogen
production by
chemical looping reforming



The University of Manchester will lead an international team to build and demonstrate a new technology to produce syngas and pure hydrogen with nearly zero direct carbon dioxide emissions.

of the project

The University of Manchester will directly collaborate with five world-leading industrial partners in the area of engineering for sustainable development: Johnson Matthey, TotalEnergies OneTech, Kent, Helical Energy and Element Energy (an ERM Group Company).

The development of new disruptive technologies with low-carbon intensity for the production of hydrogen is imperative to secure economic growth and competitiveness of UK industries.

REthinking low Carbon hYdrogen production by Chemical Looping rEforming (RECYCLE) has demonstrated during Phase 1 of the Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 competition the technical feasibility and opportunity to scale up and demonstrate the technology.

Phase 2 will build the new chemical looping technology for syngas generation with inherent CO2 capture. The process features a modular design, and flexible operation and therefore can be operated with different feedstocks, to produce hydrogen and other syngas-derived products at different plant sizes.



Phase 1

Jan22 - Sep22
Technoeconomic study

Phase 2

May23 - onwards
Manufacturing and Development

Phase 2

May24 - onwards
Trial Phase and Testing

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